New architecture

Hasthi new architecture contists of 5 main modules as follows

1.Hasthi Core Module(OM,ORM and API): To represent each UML component a new XML specification was developed based on OMG UML 2.0 specification.The API provide an interface to manipulate the object model.This is a centralized and independant module so that users can use module as a command line tool or can embadded within thier applications as a class library.The object module is an extension of JDOM.

2.Import plugins : Provide the compatibility with Rational Rose and Visual Paradigm file types.

3.Code generator : XSLT based code generation utilty which generates source codes in Java,C#,Vb.net and SQL schema.Also generates ANT build files and JUnit test cases.Xalan parser is used as the XSLT processor.

4.Database manager : Generate database utility classes,stored procedures..etc

5.Dynamic GUI parser : Facilitates language independant dynamic GUI generation.This works together with code generation tool.

XML schema of HasthiObjectModel

The XML based schema specification which represents UML 2.0 Class model was developed successfully.

schema documentation
schema XSD

Hasthi Object Model and API completed

The Object model and API was completed.Java documentation can be accessed using following URL

java doc