Rational Rose 2000© Plugin

20th December 2006

We stared to develop the Rational Rose petal file plugin.Using this plugin users will be able to import Class diagrams from Ration Rose .mdl files into hasthi workspace.

Completed Hasthi Object Model

29th November 2006

We successfully finished developing the hasthi object model,which is the core of hasthi.This is basically a JDOM tree which represents UML Class diagrams.

Completed Hasthi Object Model Specification

20th November 2006

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Official site launched!

10th August 2006

Official website for hasthi had been released!

Hasthi reborned in GNU

7th August 2006

After successfully finishing our 3rd year project,we decided to extend it as a FOSS project.As it does some BIG things,we named it 'Hasthi'.Even it is an extension from our original 3rd year project,the new Architecure is such more different and mainly powered by XML!

Main motivation for us to initiate this project is caused after we talking to Mr.Henning P.Schimiedehausen (of Apache Software Foundation) at ApacheCon2006 Asia.